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By Mitch Cohen - Webmaster

I heard about pixel ads from talking with our customers.  SiteRightNow is a system I created almost 14 years ago, back in August of 2000,  to help people make their own websites without programming. We now have thousands of customers from around the world who use the SiteRightNow system, and a number of them started asking us about the new "pixel ad" concept.  I don't mind admitting that I hadn't heard of it until a customer asked me, and I started doing some research.  I found out that a pixel ad website is a concept started by Alex Tew. His idea was to sell 1,000,000 tiny pixels on his home page at $1 each, and he would make $1,000,000!   Well, this caught on and he's made close to his million from what I last read. I heard he was auctioning off the last few pixels on Ebay for $20,000.   

As a sister site to our popular, I am excited to launch!  Now you have everything you need to make your own pixel ad website without programming:

  • Create your own website without any experience.
  • Start selling your own ads within 48 hours. We install everything for you. No technical knowledge is needed.
  • The system is automated, so you don't have to manually place the ads. Your customers can upload their own ads, and the system will bill their credit card automatically.
  • Create more than just a pixel ad website. Add BLOGS, Terms, and more. Even paste a pixel grid on an existing website.
  • The pixel ad concept has worked well for charities as a fund raising tool. Check out an article about How Fundraising with Pixel Advertising Raises Money and Awareness for Non Profit Organizations. It offers a good discussion about how pixel websites can be used for fundraising.
  • Our staff is here to help you with your questions and advice.

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